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Building content is one of the key utilities of our ‘Admin Panel’ platform.  Our goal is to make your content creation process as quick & easy as possible.

We enable this through a set of simple (and effective) content templates. Each template has been designed to perfectly suit learning experiences on the mobile. 

Below, you can take a quick glance at each of our content templates, and the significance of each. For ease of understanding, we have broken down our templates into 4 broad types:

  1. Creation-based templates
  2. Extraction-based templates
  3. Activity templates
  4. Assessment templates 


These templates are–as the name suggests–filled completely from scratch by you–the Admin user.

You must manually assemble such Cards based on the template, by adding the title, images/video, tables, body text. These are the most commonly used for content creation, and form the bulk of mainstream learning/communication content created on our platform.  

Scroll through the slider below, for a glimpse of each template:


Above, we looked at the creation of Cards using pre-set templates. But we also have 3 special auto-generation templates that allow you to create effective content with just a few clicks. Here’s what each of them does:

  • PDF Extractor: This template can help you convert a PDF into Cards–where each page becomes a single Card. This makes for a very quick & easy way to adapt spec/sell sheets, leaflets, etc; to the app.
  • URL Extractor: Our Admin Panel allows you to easily generate the summary of any given web page–a blog article for instance. A page URL, and some quick formatting is all you need.
  • Twitter Feed Extractor: This is a useful way to create a steady, informative feed/set of feeds for your users. All you need is a Twitter handle, and you can create a Card that dedicatedly updates said feed, in real-time. 


In any learning/training solution, it is very important to assess & reinforce user knowledge on a regular basis.

Our platform offers a variety of assessment (quiz) templates, that templates have been carefully designed to help you create interesting, interactive quizzes for users.

Scroll through the slider below, for a glimpse of each template:


Content & quizzes are the bulk of any learning program. But there is another set of essential elements, which help bind the whole experience. Namely:

  • Contests
  • Feedback
  • Surveys/Polls

We enable those very things, by allowing you to craft ‘User Feedback’ style Cards, which gather information from users, in some form or the other. 

From creating simple surveys, to getting photos & videos from your users; it can all be done on the Admin Panel. 

Scroll through the slider below, for a glimpse of each template:


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