Creating and Managing users

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As an administrator, you can instantly create and manage users within your organization.
Setup users based on various attributes such as their geographic location, age, role, agency, etc. The platform also supports self-registration where users can register themselves on the mobile app by providing some important attributes that you require.
A little note about self-registration:

Self-registration is a process by which app allows users to log in to the app by providing some important information. Self-registration can be enabled for your organization where users can provide specific information that you wish to collect during the process. E.g. employee id, store name, etc. Enabling self-registration is useful but not limited to the below reasons

  1. You want to open the app for the general public
  2. You are ok having unknown users as well on the app.
  3. You want more footfalls on the app

Once set up, you could also control the behavior of your app users. Create content for different types of users, initiate gamification programs rewarding them for performing certain actions, and so on…


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