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Our platform is built to create content for on-ground sellers (both direct & indirect), which is why it would make sense to use mobile as the medium.

The content creation takes place on our Admin Panel, which gives various rapid authoring capabilities in the form of:

  • Simple organization
  • Well-designed templates
  • Easy editing & approval workflows
  • Tagging 
Here, we will look at how content is organized on our Admin Panel, and how users finally experience it on their apps.

A simple structure: Folders, Modules & Sections

The image on the right is a simple representation of how we organize our content.

  1. We have a set of high level topic buckets–called Folders
  2. Each Folder can contain various Modules, that are relevant to the topic
  3. Every Module can be broken down into different Sections. These act like chapters in a book
  4. And finally, each Section can be populated with several content Cards.
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