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An introduction to users

TeamStreamz platform requires two types of users

Admin Users:

These are users who will be accessing the TeamStreamz portal to create content & programs for the mobile app users

We have 4 types of admin permissions that can be set for each type of user:

Admin Types Permission Types
Agency Admin
They manage agencies and users within them
Content Editor
They create and manage content
Content Admin
They have the Content Editor rights + Rights to approve & publish content
Country Super Admin
They have Agency Admin + Content Editor + Content Admin rights + Rights to create gamification programs

Mobile App Users: These are users for whom the mobile application is being created.

Mobile app users could have different roles & responsibilities. Examples in the table below

Mobile User Types Their Roles
Sales Person
A person who works in the shops selling your products
A person who is a distributor and provides products to various outlets
A person who uses your organization products


The content displayed to the users on the mobile app can be controlled differently based on the segment of users. Currently, there are 2 segments of users in the mobile app.

Un-Verified Users: These are users who have self-registered themselves on the mobile app and have not been verified by the country admins.

When a user self-registers on the app, they are moved to an unverified team after which the country admins verify their details and move them to verified teams based on the details provided during self-registration.

Verified Users: These are users who are already verified by the country admins and moved to a verified team.

If there is no self-registration available on the mobile app then by default all users are moved to a verified team and are considered as verified users.

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