6 sales gamification ideas to improve the performance of your sales team

by | Apr 6, 2022

Nandakumar Chari

APRIL 6, 2022

According to CNBC, 23% of employees reported weekly burnout, while 44% reported feeling burned out sometimes. This isn’t shocking news- rather, it’s an opportunity for sales trainers and enablement managers to think of innovative ways to motivate their sales teams. So, how do you create a sales enablement program that engages reps and drives them to achieve their targets? This is where gamification comes in! To help you get started, we’ve listed below some sales gamification ideas you can easily implement.

Sales gamification ideas that will run the wave of fun in your sales team

In this section, we have mentioned some of the best sales gamification ideas that will drive desired sales behaviours in your organization.

1. Make new employee’s learning process fun

Starting a new job is fun! However, there’s a lot to learn about the company, the wide range of offerings, competitors, customers, and more. Using contests, points, and rewards you can quickly introduce your new hires to the team, the org, and the product catalogue.

Did you know? The average new hire has approximately 54 activities to complete during their onboarding process. Sales training gamification can make this seemingly boring checklist exciting and fun. I mean think about it- are you more likely to remember a PowerPoint deck or a fun contest? For new hires, you can create a 2-week long gamification contest that awards points for going through marketing collaterals and bite-sized info on various products.

2. Weekly contests; weekly motivation

This sales gamification idea is one of the simplest and most effective ideas to keep your sales teams on their feet. You can create weekly quizzes for your teams based on:

  • Weekly sales targets. The person who will achieve the set targets within a week should be awarded prizes.
  • Trivia about the industry you operate in
  • Everyday communication skills
  • New and old products

3. Raffle prizes

Raffle prizes are a great sales gamification idea for a long-term sales period. Employees get awarded at the end of the set period after the outcomes are achieved. You can prepare a few big prizes and small prizes for the sales team. At the end of the sales period, pick the winner using a lucky draw.

4. Gamifying the new product launch

When it comes to launching a new product/service, it is important to ensure that people who are selling it should know about it. You can use this sales gamification idea to excite the salespeople about the new product launch. You can award badges to people based on the content they’ve learnt, the knowledge they’ve retained and even include role-play activities such as video pitches. This will ensure that your sales teams are ready to answer any customer queries when required.

5. Salesperson of the week/month/year

As simple as it sounds, all you need to do is choose the top performer and reward them. This can be made easy and entirely automated through sales gamification platforms like Streamz. Here, you can gamify metrics such as quota attainment, no. of calls logged, no. of leads added to the funnel, and more. This sales gamification idea is simplicity at its best!

However, you should not focus solely on the deals closed but also keep a check on behaviour, attitude, customer care, etc. In this way, you can motivate every sales rep to step out of their comfort zones and participate.

6. Gamified Knowledge Checks

Knowledge checks are regular assessments conducted to evaluate the knowledge levels of your organization’s cohorts and evaluate the effectiveness of your sales training. By adding a layer of sales training gamification and rewarding reps, you can ensure maximum engagement and will see the overall skill levels increase.

3 tips to keep in mind while launching sales training gamification

You have got these amazing sales gamification ideas, what next? You would need to execute them successfully, right?

Here are some superb tips to successfully gamify your sales process.

1. Understand what motivates your people

Humans are inherently self-driven and have a desire for growth. However, everyone has a certain inertia and their environment must provide them stimuli and triggers to overcome this inertia. Hence, to make the most out of these sales gamification ideas you must understand what motivates your sales teams. Is it earning monetary rewards or recognition amongst peers? Be thoughtful of these drivers while designing your gamification programs.

2. Contest goals must align with business goals

The aim of running contests or activities ultimately is to nudge your sales teams towards the completion of business goals. No matter which sales gamification idea you pick, the objectives must be in line with tangible and measurable business objectives. Your goals can be increasing brand awareness, reinforcing product messages, enhancing knowledge and skill levels or even reducing operational inefficiencies. Once you’ve set the goal, build a gamification program around these goals.

3. Send out contest teasers

Creating contest teasers and creating buzz around your sales training gamification programs will ensure participation in big numbers. Sending out previews will create curiosity, eagerness, and enthusiasm amongst the sales team to participate. Promoting the contest through different channels is crucial to the success of your contest.

Final Words

In a recent survey, 71% of the employees confirmed that gamification had increased their energy levels.

Using these sales gamification ideas will ensure your sales teams are motivated and energised. Don’t forget to conduct a pre, during and post-analysis of your decided KPIs. Doing so will help you understand the impact of the program, and give you ideas for areas of improvement.

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