Sales Enablement Analytics for Data-Driven Decisions

Dive deep into your data and get the most out of your customer-facing teams. Improve sales performance by understanding the skills and behaviours of your distributed sales teams continuously.

Improve sales rep productivity and fine-tune your sales operations

Sales Enablement Managers, Sales Trainers and Sales Leaders can now leverage Streamz latest reporting dashboards. With granular visibility into how your sales teams perform, learn and interact with your content, improve your sales enablement operation tremendously.

Engagement Analytics to understand user trends

Content and Assessment Analytics to know what works

Organizational Competency Maps to monitor sales readiness

Salesperson Readiness Scorecards to improve sales rep productivity

What’s in it for you?

Create custom dashboards on a need-to-know basis for detailed insights tailored for your specific needs

Measure ROI of your sales enablement programs in a single dashboard with drill down capabilities

Over 40 metrics covering user engagement, content effectiveness, salesperson proficiency, and more

Drive individualized development and coaching with personalized readiness scorecards

Visualize your key metrics at unprecedented speed-aggregate or drill down to desired levels of granularity

Easily accessible, personalized insights to monitor skills and knowledge across complex sales organizations

Leverage these analytic dashboards in your enablement strategy

Salesperson Readiness Scorecards

Track learning trends, monitor and solve problem areas, and see the impact of enablement programs for individuals at scale.

Individualized recommendations and insights – activate alerts to sales managers for coaching interventions on their Apps

Track the training progress of individual salespeople over time – learning completion, assessments completion, task completion

Access real-time information on performance KPIs including – points, badges, certificates, performance on competitions and how they compare with the best

Engagement Analytics

Get a deeper understanding of the everyday activities and engagement trends of your sales teams. Easily build content and sales enablement tasks around these engagement levels.

Track weekly and monthly active users by cohorts and activities to monitor the health of sales readiness activities and plan content and tasks for driving engagement

Identify how new content and nudges affect engagement rate within your sales teams

Filter and sort lists of active users based on geos, roles/agencies, last active date, and pulse scores. Create and send custom notifications to drive engagement

Organizational Competency Maps

How are your sales teams performing? What are the readiness levels of different teams? What topics are best understood and what needs more reinforcement? Learn all this and more with our organizational competency sales enablement analytics

Quickly identify the organizational competency gaps across all business functions, roles, and teams to take corrective measures

Receive automated insights and alerts on readiness trends and events that are likely to impact your sales strategy and execution

Streamz Analytics

Help sales reps turn conversations into conversions by tracking what they learn, how they learn and what content has the biggest impact on sales. 

Improve ROI of sales enablement program by tracking how users are engaging and improving with your content plans

Identify topics your sales reps find difficult and provide contextual interventions

Monitor completion rates for new content and topics

Make improvements to your content strategy by viewing user ratings and feedback

Assessment Analytics

Get an overview of your sales teams’ capabilities by viewing what assessments they’re passing with flying colours.

Improve sales execution by quickly understanding questions your sales reps are finding difficult to answer correctly about new products

Understand which questions are able to indicate a salesperson’s mastery of knowledge and concepts

Improve your assessment and question designs by understanding what type of questions are improving knowledge levels.

Sales Enablement Analytics- Advanced Bench

Streamz also offers a comprehensive and flexible business intelligence workbench to access all your data, build custom analysis, dashboards, reports and workflows

Access all your data in one place

Publish and schedule custom BI dashboards and display data on a need-to-know basis

Download or schedule automated delivery of sales enablement data within seconds

Merge your datasets from other sources for advanced analytics

Some advanced analytics available on the workbench:

Cohort analysis for understanding knowledge retention of groups of salespeople over time

Compare the proficiency levels and behaviours of individual salespeople and those of your best

Analyze what knowledge and skills are correlated to sales performance

Advanced sales gamification insights- participation levels, points earned by individuals, rewards earned and optimization recommendations

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