Sales Onboarding

Streamz’ accelerated onboarding reduces time to first Sale

Streamz revolutionizes the way you onboard sales reps and helps them succeed in an efficient and inexpensive manner.

Seamless Onboarding

Get your sales managers involved and excited about the content and onboarding journey you’re building

Continuous Training

Facilitate sales onboarding with continuous on-the-job training to accelerate ramp-up time

Effectiveness Assessment

Test your new hires against set benchmarks to validate the effectiveness of your sales onboarding process

Revamping Traditional Sales Onboarding

The traditional sales onboarding process is expensive and insufficient.

New hires are often left with one-off boot camps or training manuals without a plan for continuous on-the-job training

No formal structure is put in place to assess the sales readiness before sales reps are left to their own accords.

Managers aren’t actively involved in upskilling and ramping-up new hires

Maximize Immediate Productivity

You’ve spent time and money on hiring the best talent, so ensure their productivity doesn’t lag the moment they step into the office.


of companies consider themselves ineffective at onboarding new sales hires.

Average no. of months new sales hires spend in training and development for productive output


Companies are currently investing money in updating their onboarding programs.

#1 Start onboarding training from the minute your sales reps join

Create a streamlined onboarding process that your new sales reps will enjoy without hanging back for in-person meetings.

Easy login and access to learning content to ensure there are no delays in developing your new hires

Flexibility to onboard a multitude of new hires with customised learning journeys tailored to their roles, responsibilities, and organisational hierarchy

Certify and benchmark new sales reps on product knowledge, video pitches, and more to continuously track and improve performance

Automated nudges and follow ups to ensure your newest sales reps are completing their assigned tasks on time

#2 Get sales managers involved in your onboarding process for effective on-the-job training

Sales managers play a crucial role in onboarding your new hires- but they often lack the interest or time. Involve them in creating the onboarding plan and take their inputs on key performance indicators to build a learning culture in the flow of work.

Assign new talent and provide tools to sales managers so they can track progress and ongoing developments in onboarding training regularly

Create an onboarding checklist for your sales managers to ensure consistency in the sales onboarding process

Send alerts to your sales managers for whenever interventions are needed

Schedule 1-1 role play and coaching sessions to give your reps a feel of what the job actually looks like

#3 Data-driven sales onboarding for maximized impact

Use a data-driven process to determine where you expect new sales representatives to be at different milestones during the onboarding process

Provide data-backed interventions to ensure on-time completion of tasks

Create progress dashboards that your sales managers can track regularly

Monitor important metrics like time to productivity, improvement in skills over time, and induction effectiveness to improve your sales onboarding program continuously

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sales onboarding?
Sales Onboarding is a methodical process designed to connect, engage and train new sellers in the organization. It should cover all the essential learning and skills needed for the salesperson to do their job productively.
Why should you have a sales onboarding process?
By having a well planned process, sellers will be effective in their job faster. It will speed up the time to 1st sale and improves seller’s fulfillment and motivation to the job and reduces seller churn.
What does successful onboarding training look like?

A well thought program would include following steps:

Foundational training where the focus is on company, culture, customer, product,  and Sales process training. Critical success factors include consistent tests of understanding using knowledge checks, quizzes. Best practices include starting the training on day 1, chunking training into smaller bites, having a mix of Instructor led training and always on learning. A foundational training can range between a week to 30 days.

Practice Training: This phase is where Sales Rep gets introduced to the field. They are practicing sales presentations and demos. They shadow senior sales reps to understand customer engagements.Video role plays, and coaching are critical here. A best practice is regular knowledge checks to ensure foundational training is not forgotten. The practice training can last upto 30 days.

Finale of Onboarding: Live sales calls with reverse shadowing. Senior sales reps and managers join the sales call/ demos and give constructive feedback. Tracking Prospecting process , funnel buildup , continuous reinforcement trainings and final assessment checks are critical at this stage to ensure that salesrep can achieve the 1st sale. Sales leaders having continuous visibility to the salesrep’s knowledge & sales activity performance  is a key success factor at this stage. The finale can last for 30 days.

What is on-the-job Sales training and onboarding?

In comparison to an initial sales bootcamp where the sales reps get trained extensively after which the sales team is asked to start their sales process, on the job sales training is methodology of incorporating sales onboarding , training and coaching in their flow of work as a sales rep from day 1 until day of 1st sale by the new sales rep. The benefits include enhanced sales readiness, improved sales metrics and retention.

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