Transform your sales team with AI-driven training

Reinvent how you engage your sales reps and inspire them to attain new heights.


Visualise Tomorrow

Empower your sales team to achieve excellence

An empowered team knows the importance of discovery, learning and engaging with their customers. They are forward-looking, customer-centric and brand-loyal.

Self-driven Culture

Sales reps are motivated to self-improve and achieve their goals

Enhanced Productivity

Sales managers spend time productively pushing sales

Effective Time Utilisation

Less time spent on reporting and identifying laggards.

Predictable Sales Outcomes

Sales leaders can confidently predict sales outcomes

Actionable Insights

Field managers feel empowered and in total control


Streamz is an intelligent sales readiness platform for companies with large field sales, distribution and dealer networks.

Our ‘always-on’ methodology

The five pillars of our strategy behind putting a personal sales coach in every pocket

Optimized Learning Content

Instructionally designed and sequenced streams of microlearning cards that are personalized. bingeable and rapidly searchable.

AI Powered Knowledge Checks

Frequent and automated, personalized knowledge checks tailored for every individual sales rep. Easily discover their knowledge gaps.

Gamified Field Activities

Reinforce positive behaviours and reward high performing sales reps. Energize your sales army and focus on what you want delivered.

Powerful, Advanced Analytics

Deep-dive on what’s working and what’s not – content, completion, CX, sales, and more. Design and execute cohort-specific plans.

Robust Action Centre

Sales managers get a 360° view of each sales rep. Nudge your sales teams directly from the field and stay in control 24×7.

Transform your sales enablement strategy!
At Streamz, we are ‘always-on’ call to help you achieve your desired objectives.


Maximize the sales potential of every sales executive


Build a team of sales officers and RMs your customers trust


Clients across industries and sectors trust us with our sales readiness solutions


Our partners

Partnerships and collaborations with leading industry consultants.


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