Smart sellers are built with the right Sales Training

Deliver high impact just-in-time learning that teaches, engages, and helps your sellers win

Do these sales training struggles sound a little too familiar?

Most reps spend 3-11 hours weekly looking for answers about tools, processes, or information

55% of the people making their living in sales don’t have the right skills to be successful.

70% of learning is forgotten after just 24 hours using generic training methods

Do it the Streamz Way

Did you know? Continuous training is said to result in 50% higher net sales per sales rep. Employ the Streamz framework to drive frontline performance.


Create microlearning content quickly with pre-built templates and build a learning culture


Broadcast product updates, battle cards, and more straight to your sales teams’ pockets


Gamify your learning and motivate your teams with points, badges, and personalized leaderboards


Leverage the power of AI to fill in knowledge gaps and ensure your reps never forget what they learn


Assess your reps on pre-defined KPIs and map key indicators to revenue

Training Your Reps Just Can’t Forget

Deliver snackable content and regular assessments designed to expand, refresh, and reinforce specific skills and knowledge

Microlearning: Create bite-sized modules on selling skills, product updates, value messaging, battle cards, customer segments, FAQs, and competitive information

Contextual Search: Enable your sales teams to access the most relevant learning content at unprecedented speed

Automated Knowledge Checks: Streamz creates personalised, automated assessments based on the skills and knowledge levels of each salesperson

Personalised Learning Journeys: Create hyper-individualised learning journeys to mitigate knowledge gaps

Personalize Sales Training at Scale

Each individual learns differently. So why should training be the same? Scale relevant and personalized training programs for each sales rep.

Content Recommendations: AI-led content recommendations based on skills gaps to ensure your reps are always up-to-date

Automated Learning Tasks: Deliver automated learning tasks to each salesperson based on predefined conditions – roles, context, cohort

Notifications & Nudges: Smart nudges to your salespeople to ensure they’re on track – complete a course, assessment or activity

Real-time Progress Records: Full visibility for your sales reps into how skill levels improve with each learning task completed

Roleplays & Video Pitches

Ensure your sales teams are prepared for any customer scenario

Schedule Pitches: Schedule video pitching activities for the sales reps that need it

Manager Feedback: Give feedback to your sales teams within seconds with Streamz AI-guided Manager Advisor

3rd Party Reviewers: Collaborate with 3rd party reviewers to provide expert evaluation

Remediation Workflows: Use AI-guided Manager Advisor to set up remediation workflows and develop your sales teams

Make sales training engaging and fun

Drive winning behaviours and make training fun with our state-of-the-art sales gamification engine

Milestoned Learning Journeys: Create milestoned sales training programs filled with points, quizzes, badges, and certificate

Real-Time Leaderboards: Increase competitive spirit and drive productivity with personalised real-time leaderboards

Gamify CRM Data: Gamify external data – quota attainment, no. of productive calls, and more to drive desired sales behaviours

Integrated Instant Redemptions: Convert earned points into rewards at the touch of a button

Advanced Analytics

Get granular visibility into the impact of your sales training and make informed, data-driven decisions

40+ Pre-defined Metrics: Pre-built dashboards covering user engagement, content effectiveness, salesperson proficiency, organizational knowledge gaps, dynamic competency matrix, and more

Build Custom Dashboards: Create custom dashboards with your sales readiness data lake on a need-to-know basis

Unprecedented Speed: Visualize your key metrics or drill down to desired levels of granularity at breakneck speed

Report Scheduling: Schedule your analysis and reports distribution along sales management hierarchies with the right aggregations

Streamz for effective automotive sales training

Maximize the sales potential of every sales executive

Streamz for financial service sales training

Build a team of sales officers and RMs your customers trust

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sales training software?

Sales training software is a digital solution designed to enhance sales teams’ knowledge, skills, and performance. It provides a platform for creating and delivering interactive and engaging training content, such as video lessons, snackable content streams, quizzes/assessments/Knowledge checks, and role-playing exercises.

How does sales gamification work?

Sales Gamification works on human psychology of motivating people through rewards and recognition to display positive learning behaviour. The aim of Implementing gamification for sales is to energize learning and nudge learners towards the completion of their goals. There are a few things you need to remember while carrying out gamification of learning:

  1. Successful contests play on emotions. Make the sales reps believe he can improve and win. 
  2. Set clear objectives of the sales contests. These need to align with the sales behaviours essential to continuous wins. 
  3. Provide visibility into contest’s rules, user’s progression, awards, and leaderboards
  4. Set up multiple winnable milestones and make sure to reward your sales reps.
What are the various use cases for sales training software?

A sales training platform can be used to onboard new salespeople, upskill existing team members, reinforce learning through ongoing coaching, and stay updated with the latest sales methodologies. It can also be used to drive short-term and long-term gamified programs and drive desired sales behaviour. The sales training software can also be used for contextually educating salespeople on new product messages, features and benefits. With its data-driven methodology, sales training software serves as a tool to track individual and team performance, offering insights into areas of strength and areas that require improvement.

What are the key benefits of a Sales Training platform?

Here are some of the benefits of sales training software

  • Consistent and standardized training: It ensures that all team members receive the same quality of training, regardless of location or time.
  • Faster Onboarding: A standardized program ensures that new hires quickly acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to the team’s success.
  • Improved productivity: Garnering to individual learning speeds, and areas of  improvement, a sales training platform such as Streamz ensures your reps are productive and striving for success
  • Performance tracking and analytics: Sales training platforms allow managers to monitor individual and team performance, identify areas for improvement, map learning to RoI, and make data-driven decisions.
  • Cost and time savings: It reduces the need for in-person training sessions, travel expenses, and lengthy onboarding processes, leading to cost and time savings for the organization.
What features should I look for in sales training software?
  • Content creation and delivery: Look for a tool that allows you to create and deliver a variety of training materials, such as videos, bite-sized content, interactive modules, and assessments.
  • Gamification and engagement: Gamified elements such as badges, leaderboards, and interactive quizzes can boost engagement and motivation among sales team members.
  • Progress tracking and analytics: The software should provide robust tracking capabilities to monitor individual and team progress, completion rates, assessment scores, and other relevant metrics. Analytics and reporting features should offer insights into the effectiveness of the training program.
  • Mobile First: Ensure that the software is accessible on mobile devices, as it allows salespeople to access training materials anytime, anywhere.
  • Integration capabilities: Consider whether the software can integrate with your existing CRM or other sales tools to streamline workflows and data sharing.

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