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Streamz is an AI-powered mobile platform that accelerates sales excellence, by equipping sales representatives with continuous learning to become smart sellers in a dynamic market.

Sales readiness challenges

Traditional sales readiness training is ineffective, with most sales managers pointing to a variety of challenges faced.


Underprepared sales reps

The traditional method of sales training is inadequate, and sales reps need better “on-the-job” training.


Sales reps often struggle to convert

Sales reps often lack the ability to communicate value and weave stories customers can relate to, lowering conversions.


Sales reps aren't engaged

Infrequent training and a lack of motivation leads to reps becoming disengaged and unproductive.


Converting collaterals into training content

Transforming marketing materials into effective training content often poses a daunting task for many businesses.

Sales readiness results

Our clients across sectors have leveraged the power of Streamz to create smart sellers, changing the way they approach sales readiness.


Revenue Growth


Premium Product Sales Growth


Product Knowledge Improvement

Product Breadth Sales

AI-powered transformation of sales enablement

The Streamz platform leverages AI extensively for a variety of requirements, including engagement amplication, learning, coaching, and more.

Harness generative AI for peak sales readiness

  • Efficient Content Generation: Transform training documents into bite-sized learning modules.
  • Smart Assessments: Craft questions aligned with sales objectives for precise measurement of sales readiness.
  • Real-time Market Insights: Weekly and monthly updates on industry, customers, and competition, curated by generative AI models for utmost relevance.

AI-powered learning: tailored paths to peak performance

  • Personalized Learning Paths: Tailor unique learning journeys using AI-crafted customer personas and targeted segments.
  • Automated Learning: Efficiently assign tasks aligned to identified skill gaps and personalized schedules.
  • Targeted Content: Access modules recommended based on specific individual needs, ensuring an engaging learning experience.

AI-guided coaching insights curated for managers

  • Meaningful Metrics: Gain visibility into actionable metrics for effectively coaching their salespeople.
  • AI-Based Roleplays: Schedule and conduct roleplays and sales pitches, providing valuable practice opportunities.
  • Identify Strong and Weak Performers: Pinpoint strong and weak performers based on behaviors, enabling targeted improvement strategies.

AI-enabled engagement amplification

  • Boost Participation: Enhance engagement through the implementation of intelligent notifications.

  • Drive Competitive Behavior: Utilize leaderboards to foster healthy competition and incentivize improved performance.

  • Realtime Improvement: Provide personalized scores in real-time, empowering individuals with immediate feedback for effective improvement.

Our key solutions

Our key solutions are tailored to drive results for businesses across sectors in specific domains within the sales-readiness space.

Sales Onboarding

Sales Onboarding To Reduce Time to First Sale. The traditional sales onboarding process is expensive and insufficient. Streamz revolutionizes the way you onboard sales reps and helps them succeed from Day 1

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Sales Training

Smart sellers are built with the right Sales Training. Deliver high impact just-in-time learning that teaches, engages, and helps your sellers win. Employ the Streamz framework to drive frontline performance.

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Sales Gamification

Create a dynamic and immersive world of sales contests, engaging activities, and interactive leaderboards, leveraging our pre-baked gamification hooks to positively transform sales behaviors.

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Sales Analytics

Unlock the full potential of your customer-facing teams by continuously understanding and refining the skills and behaviors of your distributed sales teams, leading to sustained improvement in sales performance.

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We’re thrilled to share that we have earned 2 badges in software excellence approved by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

After rigorous evaluation based on AWS’s well-architected best practices, Streamz is now proudly certified for excellence in security, operations, and architecture.

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